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PolyCoin at Southend Raspberry Jam

PolyCoin is excited to be deploying their Crypto Miner units at Southend Raspberry Jam following a successful deployment at EMF Camp 2022 and MCH 2022.

How to play

To play you simply need an RFID card. Most cards will work, although anything that generates a dynamic identified such as mobile phones or some bank cards will not work.
You can collect a free RFID card if you don’t have one from PolyCoin HQ on the 1st floor just up the stairs on the right, there are a selection of 3D printed tokens available for purchase if you want something a bit more colourful.

Present your RFID card or token to any PolyCoin crypto miner unit and it will report that it is checking your token. As a new player it will then ask you to select a global corporation to support. There are four companies you can choose from: Polybius Biotech (Orange) GFY Industries (Yellow) Nepheradine Group (Magenta) Nothing to see here Corporation (Emerald)

Simply tap you token a second time when the crypto miner unit is illuminated the colour of the company you wish to support. Your token will then be locked to that corporation.
Now go and seek other crypto miner units and present your token. If it isn’t your team colour you will capture it for your team and it will commence mining PolyCoins for your chosen corporation. If a crypto miner is already your company colour then you can still present your token, this will record you as visiting that unit and gain you some additional PolyCoins.


PolyCoins are mined at a rate of 1 per second per crypto miner while it is held by you and your corporation. Each visit recorded also results in bonus PolyCoins being generated. A re-visit is only counted when you have visited a different PolyCoin crypto miner in between your visits to any one PolyCoin crypto miner.
Crypto miner units will ignore your token if you are the current owner of the unit or you were the last one to visit the unit.

A one-off bonus is available if you played the game at EMF Camp 2022 or MCH 2022 and you have reused your token. In those circumstances you will be greated with a different welcome message when registering.


We ask that you follow these rules:

  • Please do not interfer with other users playing the game. If they are already attempting to take control of the unit then please permit them to finish.
  • Do not block others from accessing a unit by hiding it, moving it, blocking access to it or being obstructive.
  • Do not attempt to open the units, they will make a lot of noise! If you are interested in seeing how they look inside then please drop by PolyCoin HQ.


The game will start on Saturday 11:00 and run until 16:30.

PolyCoin HQ

At PolyCoin HQ located on the 1st floor just up the stairs on the right, here you will find the scorecard and players terminal (if we managed to get them setup in time!)

The scoreboard shows the current team scores, a map of the field, current top players of each key game stat, and other information.

The players terminal allows you to set your own codename rather than just have the default system generated one.

Please drop by for a chat, there will be crypto miner parts on display so you can see the inside of the PolyCoin crypto miners.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.