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MCH 2022 Camp Results

With the PolyCoin Crypto Miners now deactivated and returned to PolyCoin HQ we are pleased to announce that Polybius Biotech collected the most PolyCoins. Absolutely no annomolies were found and everything is totally above board. With thank the auditors for reviewing this and confirming the results.

We processed a total of 138 customers through the PolyCoin system, and our Crypto Mining units changed hands 1116 times over the MCH 2022 event. We are pleased to report zero battery issues, One PolyCoin miner processed 178 requests for ownership.

A full breakdown of individual statistics is available here You can filter, sort or take your own copy as you wish!

Final standings:

Polybius Biotech 1,349,201 Nothing to see here Corporation 1,169,288 GFY Industries 598,951 Nefaridyne Group 104,695

Players per team

Nothing to see here Corporation 48 Polybius Biotech 41 GFY Industries 27 Nefaridyne Group 22

Total Captures:

[Dr. Cylo] 245 Amiryfey 76 crinq 73 Frogeye 35 turiphro 27

Unique Captures:

[Dr. Cylo] 15 Amiryfey 14 crinq 12 MyLittlePony 12 [Git Hoskins] 11 [Ronon Dex] 11

Total Score:

[Dr. Cylo] 809853 Amiryfey 445765 [Big Bang Beryl] 123186 [Giant Man] 119476 MyLittlePony 107453

Miners Discovered:

[Dr. Cylo] 3 [Vivisector] 2 Amiryfey 2

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