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PolyCoin at EMF 2022

PolyCoin is currently deploying its crypto miner units across EMF Camp. They will come online from 10:00 on 3rd June 2022 and be operational until 21:00 on 5th June 2022.

Present an RFID card to any crypto miner unit once the game has started to register. They will accept most RFID cards (including many bank payment cards!) although dynamic card identifiers such as mobile phone apps and some bank cards won’t work. RFID cards are available from the Null Sector if you don’t have one or when the Null Sector is closed from What Three Words charging.longer.abstracts

You can set your own codename once you have registered using the kiosk in the Null Sector, the home of Polybius Biotech at EMF Camp. There will be a badge app available at some point as well.

This website will be updated with progress of the crypto miner system, so please check back over the next day or so as the website is updated. There will also be a report screen in the Null Sector showing the progress.

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